Yuriy Yaqub


Garden of Eden Planet Earth

Kiev, UA

I want to do a useful project with you. The idea can be any that will unite us to have bussiness partnership or other types of co-working. I want us to be guided by Divine Providence so that we achive the useful ed results. I am open to look into any project. Drop me a line now. #Looking

I can I can


Looking for Looking for



Learning & Exploring

Science, gravity, biochemistry, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, cosmos, spaceships

Skills & expertise


Translation English Russian Ukrainian, biochemistry, interdisciplinary thinking for new product development, pottery, philosophy of Arabs, Rus, create ideas, public presentation, sending emails, searching information, Holy Texts, wisdom books, photography

People Skills, EQ

Gravity-flying car-space ships, free energy generators devices, science&religion ideas to developm products,

I Care About


Education, poverty, gravity, devices,science, family, nature, ecology, harvesting,intercultural, music, wisdom