Jay Johnstone

Mentor - Business Start Ups

Retired Legal Professional

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Fluent in Italian and German.  

Skills & expertise


Retired attorney.  Offering free mentoring to business start ups and entrepreneurs in the Metro area.  Only serious and committed entrepreneurs welcome.   

People Skills, EQ

I can provide overview of business plan, structure, investment history, profit & loss history, advertizing and long range prospects and goals.  Advice regarding contractual pitfalls and obligations, dispute resolutions and settlement strategies.  Tax consequences.

Available on weekends only.  Mornings or afternoons.  Public venues only, e.g., Starbuck's, etc.  Briefly describe your startup, it's history since initiated, and summary of its profitability thus far.  Upon review, I will contact you regarding acceptance of your mentoring request.

I Care About


Helping those who want to succeed and invest the time and commitment necessary to do so.  Giving back to those who wish the benefit of a lifetime of service and experience.