Mitzi Gallaga


Operations and Talent Direct...

New Ventures

Mexico City, MX

Psychologist, Business and Technology degrees, made me integrate my passions and skills to work with a Business mindset, for the people and the mission thru technology, systems and process, I am specialized at small teams companies with +10 years of fun and meaningful experience. #talent

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Recruit, hire, on/off boarding, Org Develop, Culture Develop, Talent Value Proposition. Wellness, benefits and payroll programs and systems. Business planning, P&L, finance statement analysis, IT/business infrastructure, legal/labor legislation, compliance, goals and strategy, cash flow management. MS Office, GSuite, HTML, gadgets.

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Empathy, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, problem solving, results oriented, willingness to learn and teach, data analysis, time management, organizational skills, negotiation and mediation, change and conflict management.

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Poverty, climate change, children development, diversity and inclusion.


Operations and Talent Director
New Ventures