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AY Ventures is a startup and company fundraising platform that helps founders and companies raise capital from angel investors, venture capitalists, and family offices. Our system is simple and straightforward, with no hidden charges or terms. #Startup

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Startup ideas

Skills & expertise


We help startups in raising funds and preparing business plan and pitch deck .

People Skills, EQ

Proactive problem solving

Difficult conversations

Conflict resolution

Understanding boundaries


Ability to relate to others

Ability to trust others

Knowing how & when to show empathy

Active listening

Genuine interest in others

Good judgment


Ability to be supportive and motivate others

Public speaking


English: Fluent


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Our creative team will prepare a beautiful pitch deck which will give a WOW impact to your investors. First we will send the questionnaire after the business plan is completed, then once you fill it and submit to us our designer will schedule a brief call with you to understand how you want the deck to look like. On the basis of that they will prepare the pitch deck in a creative manner. It will take up to 7 days to show you the first draft. The team will schedule a review call for you to see the deck and suggest changes, if any. 


We advise startups and work with them hand in hand to prepare their 5-year Business plan. It is a 5-7 day work with startups. This will include the whole revenue model, cost model, break-even point analysis, Unit economics, cash flow analysis, valuation, etc. This will be done over a zoom/google call meet wherein we will share our screen with you. It is a whole brainstorming session to discuss and devise strategies to take the ahead.

Fundraising for startups

AY Ventures is a Investment banking and advisory firm based in Gurgaon whose sole focus is on helping startups raise funds from our network of investors. We work with startups from start to end to help them - preparing business plans, pitch decks, mentor them, connect the startup with incubation centers ,devise sales and marketing strategies and at last connect them with investors to raise funds. Over the last 20-22 months we have helped multiple startups successfully raise funds to the tune of Rs 40 Crore+.