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Hyderabad, IN

I'm the founder of Khoj, a fashion discovery app revolutionizing the way people find their perfect outfits.My expertise in technology, creative thinking,drives me to push boundaries and create a platform that brings joy and style to millions.Together, let's redefine fashion.

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Community building, effective communication, event planning, content creation, problem-solving, leadership, and proficiency in relevant technologies.

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Access to healthcare

Hunger and food insecurity

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Khoj (Sep 2022 - present)

I believe in the transformative power of fashion and its ability to empower individuals and boost their confidence. Through Khoj, I am dedicated to fostering a vibrant fashion community where users can express their unique style, discover new trends, and unleash their creativity. Our mission is not just about providing access to exquisite designs but also about fostering meaningful connections between users and designers, creating a thriving ecosystem that celebrates creativity and individuality.

Khoj empowers users to effortlessly browse, discover, and connect with a curated network of talented designers, making the process of finding the perfect outfit a truly enjoyable and personalized experience.

With an unwavering passion for fashion and a relentless drive for innovation, I am on a mission to revolutionize the way individuals connect with top designers and curate their personal style.