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Dikshith is an 18-year-old student from India who is very passionate about expressing himself in his work. He has adopted the Entrepreneur lifestyle since the age of 14, he has successfully launched multiple E-com stores at the age of 15, participated in different types of events and has experimented with various marketing strategies without using a single penny!

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Financial & market analysis, Cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Apps, Digital Marketing, Derivatives Trading


NFT Projects, SpoiryCo, KraftlasCo (Apr 2021 - present)

Why should you invest in us?

We are a passion-driven team working to provide the community with the most incredible investment opportunity and conquer the Metaverse. We do it by offering control to the community of the VIP Club Projects, voting power and fund governance. The VIP NFT holders also enjoy lifelong perks on our future projects, our real-life store with 100% customization and our Metaverse store and further projects.

Our mission is to offer freedom to the community, giving control over the project's roadmap and funds. Ensures complete transparency, just like shifting from monarchy to democracy. To do so, our team works relentlessly to achieve exceptional marketing to guarantee the quality of our designs and provide you with an OUTSTANDING adventure.

Our Utility

The community has control over the project's roadmap and direction. We believe this ensures trust and transparency among the community. Owners enjoy the perks given by our E-com store, offering them huge discounts, monthly giveaways, raffles, and much more! Metabank is a 15% fund set aside from the project and merchandise revenue. Metabank is a community fund, and the whole community has the opportunity to drive the project's future, but only members can vote on the project's viability. Some potential uses of the Metabank can be to fund charity projects/organizations, fund community projects, or even help advance our NFT projects to make their investment even more profitable. After 75% of our NFTs have sold out, we step into the Metaverse to acquire lands, create NFT wearables, start a store and expand our bases. We will be hosting events and parties in the Metaverse and real life, all the profits devoted to charity. After 100% of our NFTs have sold out, we will be deploying a DeFi Token, using it to reward our NFT holders and enable them to access exclusive benefits and much more!

For every 25 NFTs sold, we plant '10' trees! All our events and parties profits will go to Charity!

Spoiry (Oct 2020 - present)

Spoiry is another one of our e-com stores branching out into the Fashion Industry, Tech Industry, Jewellery Industry.

NFT Project (Jul 2019 - present)

Kraftlas is an e-com store providing quality personalized product