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IMPACTMeet Hema Dolly, The Young Achiever Who Is Also A Successful Entrepreneur At The Age Of 23,Awards & Achievements Superb Presence Award, 2017 November Featured in Top 30 Business Womens From California Incomparable Service Award, New York, USA in 2018

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Managing director
American international groups (Jan 2020 - present)

Women had been considered as weaker gender in the Indian society for many years and several restrictions had been imposed on them by their male counterparts. However, the situation is gradually changing now and women are leaving no stone unturned to prove that they are as capable as men. If we talk about the present times, women are pretty active in every field whether it is entrepreneurship, defense forces, hospitality sector and so on.

There are numerous examples of self-reliant women in our society but one woman who stands out from others is Hema Dolly as she has not only become a successful entrepreneur at the age of 23 but she is also helping many other single women in achieving their desired goals in life.

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Hema Dolly who is The Most Powerful Woman In Network Marketing is certainly an inspiration for many women who want to make big in life as well as want to do good for others