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Managing Partner @RareBreedVC | underrepresented founders | Hacker turned Hustler | Recovering Entrepreneur | #NewMe12 EIR| Vampire | Former Gamer | @inside  Former software engineer and two-time founder. One of my companies failed, the other went on to a succesful exit. #preseed

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Everything about RareBreed has to do with the founders — the exceptional founders I look to support and back, who tend to be overlooked and under-networked.

  • There are two types of founders that get us excited: those who have thought a lot about and executed on customer acquisition, and, those building products in markets that are often overlooked. These founders are out-of-the-box thinkers, which is critical to success.
  • Making pre-seed investments, you write fairly small checks relative to all of venture capital. But even small checks (up to $250K) are life changing for some entrepreneurs, which can lead to amazing returns. 

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compassion, an ethical compass & a commitment to truly serve underrepresented entrepreneurs.


Managing Partner
@RareBreedVC (Apr 2021 - Apr 2021)