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A luxury evangelist, passionate advocate and connoisseur of high-end products and experiences, dedicated my life for promoting and preserving the essence of being exclusive I.e. luxurious. Mentor | Fund Raiser | Golfer | Traveller | Whiskey Connoisseur

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15+ years of executive experience in luxury lifestyle, Fashion, Auto, Retail & e-commerce space. I specialise in building brands from scratch & working on growth, my forte is to build a relationship and networks with Investors, HNIs, Celebs and Industry leaders.

Im in journey to transform lives via mentorship & business advisory at Marwahlous.com, delivering transformational experiences to my clients across the globe.

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Luxury Evangelist | Mentor for Wealth Building
Indyverse (Apr 2010 - present)

Ravineet has over one & a half decades of experience with a career in Luxury Lifestyle, Global Fashion, Super Cars, Exclusive Retail, Grandeur Real Estate & Internet Space e-commerce. He is a luxury evangelist with a silver lining of association with the globe’s best labels like Audi, Porsche, Apple, Armani, Fendi, and Ralph Lauren across India, The Middle East, Europe & Oceania. Academically he is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad & NMIMS Mumbai.

Ravineet has a clear vision to build top-notch brands and has expertise in Business Strategy, Customer Delight, Collaboration & Expansion and Growth & Revenue generation. He has been an integral part of a Unicorn and raised USD 250 Mn and holds a grip over the top line of USD 80Mn+ while managing business across 4 time zones.

His motto is to transfer learnings & experiences to the newer generation while being their mentor and transforming business via professional consultancy. Currently, he is the founder & CEO of India’s first fashion styling brand Indyverse, the platform has an ecosystem & community of Designers, Fashion influencers & HNI clients. He also manages www.marwahlous.com to achieve the aim of educating, coaching and mentoring students & learners across the world to grow & live an inspirational life.

Apart from being a concierge to luxury brands, he loves to chase adventure & travel for learning & leisure and play Golf & Badminton. He has clear thoughts on giving back to society & helping those who are less fortunate than us.