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Am enthusiastically looking forward to sharing my entrepreneurship opportunity to the world so that I can add value to the greater community. Connect to be a part of growing Platform in health and fitness #MoreYouGiveMoreYouGet #Entreprenure

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Am an IT professional turned entrepreneur handling both successfully.. am here looking for a passionate individual with dreams and aspirations to achieve success and stand out of mediocrity.

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Our mission is #ObesityFreeIndia and to get our society out of lifestyle diseases like Thyroid, Fatty Liver, PCOS and diabetis type 2 which are largely assosiated with obesity. 


Health and fitness (Aug 2020 - present)

Am very much excited to help our community in terms of creating a service based entreprenureship where anyone can build their sustainable career which inturn helps them in taking their life in holistic direction.

Serving the community along with developing oneself as a leader and an  influencer is the key to grow in this digital era.

I would appreciate people who are looking for long term buisness oppurtunity without much investment to reach me out and discuss on each others goal.