Shanmuga Murali Chandra Sekaran


Manager Sourcing

Arvind Life brands


I am a common man of Brilliant and great nation India. Who is depressed with the system and wanted to improve the same. My current carrier and the idea why came here is of totally 2 different ideology which cannot be explained in a short phrase.  #LookingtoDevelop

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Sourcing specialist, Fabric technologist. pan India sourcing experiance. Both domestic and international market. 

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Want to discuss on one common issue all the nations have and have some idea to resolve the same.

It's not political issues, corruption, poverty or health issue.

It's all about the vehicle traffic issues as of now I have not seen any solutions anywhere and i have something to discuss on it. 


Manager Sourcing
Arvind Life brands (Sep 2021 - present)

Developments in terms of system and infrastructure.