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Love new technologies and the way they operate. I'm love disrupting things to a better version. Enjoy sitting alone and playing with ideas in my mind. I'm don't have very good communication skills, but it's improving constantly as I socialize myself. #Founder

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I love to solve technological problem. I'm good with sales and marketing. Findings ways to disrupt the technology and business model, love to make changes of how they operate and find a better solution.

I Care About


For me there is no good and bad things. If i want to make any changes in this world that would be to bring consciousness in human being, so that they can understand the true potential of being human and act accordingly.


RECONN (Mar 2021 - present)

At RECONN we are developing a fast and reliable wireless network connection to help mobile phone enjoy uninterrupted connection and unlimited data and calls at an affordable cost.



Majority of the people use wireless network. Unreliable network connection is a big problem for a mobile user faces today especially when they move to another place.


Solution we bring:

A new network infrastructure & technology that increases data traffic handling capacity and service coverage.

As a result, users get...


1) Fast & reliable connection

2) Unlimited data plans

3) All at an affordable cost.