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Product Management
6th Street.com (Oct 2020 - Jul 2023)

1. Strategy and Planning:
* Develop and implement on Product roadmap that's aligned with the company's targets and goals.

2. Vendor and Integration Management
* Delivery Vendors integrated within our E-Commerce platform where on leaves, non-working days, holidays on certain days of the week in different Middle East/GCC regions.

Collaborated with Delivery partners collected Data – Days, Areas, Vendors and Regions. Re-arranged the Order allocation rule to the Courier partners to achieve 24/7 on time delivery. Improving Delivery timelines for our customers, across all regions.

3. Customer Funnel Assessment and Improvement
* E-Commerce Website Customer Funnel improvement by identifying the leakages via Google Analytics. Design research on required solutions to fill the Customer leakage.

4. Knowledge Base Development:
* Due to high iteration across Last Mile teams, Delivery timelines where impacted due to time taken to re-train new staff on the IBM Order Management tool.

* Wrote Words Docs around Tools usage which is Simple and easy to read around IBM tools usage, and troubleshooting guides.

* Due to its effectiveness over-time developed a comprehensive and user-friendly knowledge base, for Ops, Tech and Product Teams as well.

5. Streamlining Internal Communication
* Communication is very important in E-Commerce. Noted there is a Gap and worked on building proper channels, stakeholders, PoCs so that Teams communicate with right stakeholders.

6. High Impact Features
* Design and implementation of Influencer Module for Product reach and Brand awareness. Company achieved 25% Sales contribution from Influencer-Module integration.

* Estimated Delivery Date(EDD) module integration for real-time Delivery estimation on Website/APP.