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I am an investment professional. My job is to evaluate businesses, do financial analysis, meet founders / promoters, validate investment thesis, communicate ideas in various forums (internal / external), influence people in positions of power & invest capital. #Advisor

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Looking for Looking for

New perspectives

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Skills & expertise


- Problem Solving

- Structured Thinking

- Ideation

- Financial Analysis

- Spotting investable opportunities

- Investing

- Written communication - Writing compelling memos / presentations to influence


I Care About


Income inequality

Children's rights and safety

I am deeply cognizant about "Privilege" and how it shape one's trajectory in life as compared to others. I also make it a point to raise awareness about this aspect in any and every network possible. If we accept the benfits of "Privilege", we can be sensitive about it and work towards ensuring that less privileged folks have a better shot at life. Life is unfair, let's take a fair shot at it. 


Premji Invest (Oct 2016 - present)

I work as Principal in Premji Invest Private Equity. As part of my job, I evaluate businesses from investing perspective. I understand businesses through (1) numbers (financials), (2) people (grilling founders / promoters), (3) touch & feel (field visits) and (4) thought experiments (secret sauce ;)). 

Investment Analyst
International Finance Corporation (Mar 2012 - Jul 2014)

Early Stage Investor - Largely focused on healthcare and cleantech.

Equity Research Analyst
JP Morgan (Jan 2010 - Mar 2012)

Financial modeling, Investment Thesis writing, Financial analysis etc.