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Self employed

Pune, IN

Jolly Phonics Trainer ,Soft skills trainer,filled with plans and ambitious,goal oriented,live the life to the fullest. #Trainer

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Jolly Phonics,Soft skills,Public speaking,Counselling,Communication,planning,organizational skills,decision maker ,action taker

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Income inequality

Children's education

Children's rights and safety

Education plays vital role in our life.So Kids education and their development is very important.I would like to contribute my knowledge to kids education .I can train them ,develop their minds,inculcate nice hobbies in them.Vocational education is most neglected part in their syllabus there I would like to give more emphasis upon.

  Kids must be given vast knowledge of different subj


Self employed
Self employed

I am self motivated person and like to get inspired by others.Focused,goal oriented and objective of life is very clearly defined.Want to develop good habits in kids and want to help them to find their purpose of life..

   Actually truely patriot from heart and wanna work for better future of our country.Kids are the future of India,wanna focus on them.Brain development,stability of mind,healthy and fit body are the core areas where I would like to colaborate with any person working for the betterment of kids.

   I like to work in the neglected areas of career.I like to take challenges and can easily find out solutions for them.I live with positive mindset and I am straight forward in my work too.I like to work with smart people from whom I can learn many things..I don't like people having no purpose in life.

Self employed