K Shiva Kumar

Security professional

Chennai, IN

Am an IAF veteran based out of Chennai with over 29 years experience in the field of General Administration, Physical Guarding, Risk Management, Asset Protection, Security Training, Security Audits & Surveys  Business Development, Customer Resources Management, etc.  

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Learning & Exploring


I am a dual Post Graduate with Masters of Arts in History & Criminology. 


I also hold dual Post Graduate Diploma in HRD and Fire & Safety Engineering. 


I can speak English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam fluently. 

Skills & expertise


Physical Security services,  Criminology, security training, General Administration, Business Development, Audits & Surveys, 

I Care About


I am looking at suitable openings in Chennai while being flexible to travel across the world as may be required. 


I have aged & unwell parents to take care and hence would like to be based out of Chennai. 


I am absolutely open to new ideas & varied opportunities. 


I can make myself available for an good opportunity from 01 Dec 2020.