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Hello... I'm Abhiman, and I've worked in the past as a project manager and have additional entrepreneurial skills as an event manager and a magician. #ProjectManager

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Hello... I'm Abhiman, and I've worked in the past as a project/program manager and have additional entrepreneurial skills as an event manager and an artist. Most people who have worked with me in the past believe I'm good at communicating with people, handling clients, vendors, and other stakeholders. I am looking to do something meaningful in my next stint. 

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Project Manager
Asteria Aerospace Limited (Feb 2022 - present)

I've spent my time discovering myself in new and different ways, and it all began when I began performing "MAGIC" as a hobbyist during my college years. It was intriguing to me since I was able to create a "WOW" factor in my performance. Gradually evolved as a professional performer, and began putting on shows at a variety of business events, private parties, and even got the opportunity to perform in Mauritius.

This increased my confidence in doing and attempting new things. I started event management company and have been effectively running it for the past 8 years. For corporates, weddings, and private parties, we provide end-to-end services.

I opened a cafe because I was too curious to try something new, and it was a hit for a year. At the same time, I was learning one of the greatest art forms, "Shadowgraphy," which is only practiced by a handful of individuals.  I became one of them and began performing at corporate and private gatherings. In addition, I specialize in designing and performing custom shadow performances.

All of this happened when I was working for a company where I was mentored in operations and project management. With a few years of experience in project management, I decided to study more and began with Agile and Prince2 courses to better grasp the systematic and better approach to planning and executing projects at various levels. In addition, I'm trying out new things like bird training (Aviculturist) and maintaining an agriculture plot.

Aside from that, I believe in doing something meaningful with my life by actively working with social groups and making a difference in my own small manner.

I'm also a coffee fanatic who likes discussing coffee over a cup of coffee.

Message me at abhiman.jois@gmail.com to riff on anything that seems to be new.

Project Management Executive
AjnaLens (Aug 2021 - Feb 2022)
Asst. Operations Manager
SKYLARK DRONES PVT LTD (Apr 2018 - Aug 2021)
Aeromodelling Engineer
Skyfi Labs (Sep 2017 - Apr 2018)