Abhishek Bhat M

Tax Manager


Bengaluru, IN

I'm an average Joe with a day job in taxes that’s as predictable as the daily commute. Once the number crunching stops, my entrepreneurial spirit starts. Building something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Life’s too short for chores, and everyone deserves a helping hand.

I can I can


Give feedback

Looking for Looking for


New perspectives

An active network

Learning & Exploring


Looking to learn a new skill that can help in building something meaningful and to better the lives of those around me.

Skills & expertise


Fairly skilled in providing strategic insights and project management. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are key strengths.

People Skills, EQ


Patience with others



Ability to be supportive and motivate others

Sense of humor


Hindi: Fluent English: Fluent German: Learning

I Care About


Climate change

Access to healthcare

Children's education