Aditya Nigam

Scrum Master

Agile Counter


Experienced Scrum Master with a decade-long track record in IT, adept at orchestrating Agile methodologies to drive project success. Passionate about fostering collaborative, high-performing teams and facilitating continuous improvement.

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Conflict Resolution, team handling, project delivery, facilitation, Agile Framework 

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Scrum Master
Agile Counter (Dec 2023 - present)

-Facilitate Scrum events and ceremonies 

-Coach and Mentor the Scrum Team on agile principles and practices

-Remove impediments or obstacles that hinder the team's progress

-Collaborative and transparent environment within the team

-Shield the team from external interference and distractions

-Ensure the team's adherence to Scrum principles and practices

-Facilitate communication and collaboration between team members and stakeholders

-Encourage continuous improvement through regular retrospectives

-Monitor and report team progress using relevant metrics

-Support product backlog management and refinement

-Promote a culture of self-organization and empowerment within the team