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Entrepreneur, Idea Maker, Founder OF Aegan Exports. Lookin to connect with business incubators and start up teachers to know the Monopoly Experience. #Researcher

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My entrepreneurial journey is a daily quest for knowledge and growth. Each day, I am committed to acquiring the skills necessary to achieve my business goals. I have a deep passion for learning from others, as I believe that continuous learning is the key to success in my next startup venture.

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I am on a mission to inspire positivity through business, using entrepreneurship to create a brighter, better world.


AEGAN EXPORTS (Apr 2010 - present)

My entrepreneurial journey over the past 12 years, primarily as the founder of Aegan Exports, has equipped me with a comprehensive skill set in marketing, sales, and business development. I have demonstrated a consistent ability to identify opportunities, launch successful startups, and drive business growth. With a strong passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to excellence, I am dedicated to pursuing new ventures and contributing to the dynamic landscape of business innovation.

As a Managing Director, I am driven by a vision that goes beyond profit margins. I am dedicated to making a meaningful societal impact while steering my company toward sustainable growth. With a combination of visionary leadership, strategic thinking, and a customer-centric approach, I am committed to leading my organization into a future where business success is synonymous with positive societal value.


DIT , Business (May 2009)