Akash Sharma

Co Founder

Organic Chacha

New Delhi

Sr. Software Engineer @Disney+ Hotstar • Cofounder @ organicchacha.com #littlebitofeverythng

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New perspectives

An active network

Skills & expertise


Scalable backend tech • Java and much more

People Skills, EQ

Proactive problem solving

Ability to trust others

Genuine interest in others


Ability to be supportive and motivate others

Sense of humor


Co Founder
Organic Chacha (Oct 2022 - present)

We are trying to bring conscious and healthy foodies from different categories - vegan, organic etc under one umbrella and create a one stop solution for them. 

We onboard brands, businesses and farms through rigrous lab testing thus providing consumers a place to trust and a single marketplace to order from. 

We understand most brands, farms and small FMCG businesses have food productions as their strengths so we provide them a consistent demand which is growing steadily in a multi-billion dollars market.