David Barneda

creative, co-founder


Los Angeles, US

Working to make komunity better for you

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Skills & expertise


Visual tool box - both traditional and digital.  Illustration, graphic design, ideation, pre-vis. Research. Learning by doing.

People Skills, EQ

Brainstorming, ideation. I love a good collaboration.

I Care About


Leaving the world better than I found it.


creative, co-founder
komunity.io (Apr 2018 - present)

Helping create komunity.io from the ground up.

chief doodler
xpolinate (Apr 2016 - present)

Worked on the cross-pollination platform - where companies can give employees the opportunities they need to thrive. From externships, sabbaticals or an entrepreneurial nudge. Part of the team that attended TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

barneda.com (Apr 1999 - present)

Freelance illustrator on a wide variety of projects. Clients include: Random House, Writers Guild, Uncle Ben's Rice, Hyperloop One, Coca Cola, Blue Shield of California, Neutrogena, Hunter Douglas, Green Mustache . . .