Bhavesh Barot



Bangalore, IN

I am a Founder of FactoryJet. We are building Marketplace as a Platform for MSMEs the world over. Revenue growth-focused and No BS sales strategist. Connect with me If you are a techie with full-stack knowledge and looking for a ride of a lifetime opportunity.

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A lifelong learner, I seek knowledge from everyone and anyone. My current venture FactoryJet is offering me a great opportunity to learn from many individuals from many different skills and knowledge backgrounds.

Skills & expertise


With over 15 years of entrepreneurial prowess, I have been the catalyst behind building successful businesses from the ground up. My expertise spans the realms of business creation, strategic planning, market expansion, revenue growth, team building, mentoring, and leadership.

My passion lies in taking innovative ideas and transforming them into thriving ventures. Through a keen understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends, I have consistently created winning business strategies that have propelled organizations to new heights. My ability to identify untapped opportunities and navigate complex challenges has been instrumental in achieving sustainable growth.

Driving revenue growth is at the core of my skill set. With a deep understanding of sales and marketing, I have consistently implemented strategies that optimize profitability and unlock new revenue streams. I possess a keen eye for market trends and customer behavior, enabling me to seize hidden growth opportunities and position businesses as industry leaders.

Team building and leadership are my strengths. I excel at assembling high-performing teams and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. By empowering individuals and nurturing their talents, I have cultivated cohesive and motivated teams capable of surpassing targets.

I have successfully spearheaded market expansion initiatives, penetrating new territories and seizing global opportunities. Through meticulous research and strategic partnerships, I have successfully navigated cultural nuances and regulatory landscapes, ensuring seamless growth and market dominance.

Please do connect with me if you are passionate about StartUps, Sales Strategy, Taking Ideas from Zero to One and Beyond, Badminton and Mountain Bike Riding.

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English: Fluent Hindi: Native speaker Portugese: Novice


FactoryJet (Oct 2021 - present)

I am a Founder of a cutting-edge B2B Commerce and Credit Marketplace as a Platform.

FactoryJet is a pioneering platform at the intersection of commerce and credit, meticulously designed to empower micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the world over.

With a steadfast commitment to transforming the landscape of business operations, we provide innovative solutions that propel growth and financial inclusion.

At FactoryJet, we envision a future where every MSME the world over thrives, unburdened by financial constraints, and fortified by seamless commerce operations. Our vision drives us to craft a digital ecosystem that revolutionizes the way business is conducted, ushering in a new era of prosperity for the backbone of the economy.

Our mission is two-fold: to simplify and amplify. We simplify the intricate web of commerce by offering a consolidated marketplace as a platform where businesses can connect, trade, and expand effortlessly. Simultaneously, we amplify their potential by pioneering an embedded credit framework that provides tailored financial solutions, unlocking avenues for growth previously unattainable.

Sales Director - Latin America
CropIn Technology Solutions (May 2016 - Sep 2021)

Led a sales department comprised of 4 representatives and account managers, and oversaw the entire sales cycle, and motivated team members to exceed revenue targets

Served as the point of contact for client stakeholders and C-level executives generated new leads at trade shows and industry conferences, pitch events

Helped recruit, nurtured, and supported the development of top talent, identify opportunities to enhance performance, and establish a high-performance work culture centred on inclusion and empowerment