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Arizona State University

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  1. Computing System: GeoSpark
  2. Programming Languages – Python, C, C++, Java.
  3. Web designing- HTML 
  4. Database – MySQL, Postgres, Spatial SQL, Spark SQL, Scala.  
  5. Data Visualization Tool: Tableau
  6. Machine learning: scikit-learn


Teaching assistant and Instructional aide
Arizona State University (Aug 2020 - present)

I work as Teaching assistant and Instructional aide for Applied and Elementary Linear Algebra, Calculus and College algebra classes with the School of Mathematics at ASU. Here I assist students with the topics in class as well as outside of class through office hours. I also proctor and grade the tests and quizzes in the class.

Research Assistant
FURI (Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative) at ASU (Aug 2020 - present)

Environment and Tools:  GeoSpark, Postgres, SQL, Python, Spatial SQL, Spark SQL, Scala.

Work Description: FURI is a research program at the Fulton engineering schools at ASU, that promotes undergraduate research projects. It is a competitive program that funds selected undergraduate projects and provides an opportunity to present the work at a symposium at the end of the semester. Over the fall 2020 semester, I worked on implementing creative ways of generating SQL queries in a data exploration session on relational and spatial databases. In this research, I explored three methods of data exploration using Tableau, Zeppelin notebooks and Synthetic Query Generator, and evaluated their benefits and shortcomings. 

Working as Research Assistant in Data Systems lab at ASU.
Arizona State University (Nov 2019 - present)

Environment and Tools:  GeoSpark, Postgres, SQL, Python, Tableau.

Work Description: I am a research assistant working on a Synthetic Auto-Generator of SQL Queries emulating Human Behavior. This involves the process of data collection, visualization, analysis, and efficient modelling.  I work on analyzing and extracting queries from various datasets using Tableau, Postgres and GeoSpark. GeoSpark is a cluster computing system for processing large-scale spatial data. I also work on parser code on python to extract queries.



Arizona State University