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Denverr, US

Acting is my biggest passion. Whether in front of a microphone, camera or on stage, I'm able to make a script come alive. And if it’s a script you need, my years of writing and editing experience can help you get your ideas on paper and transform them into a finished product.

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Learning & Exploring

Always looking to hone my skills and craft. Love to learn about different cultures.

Skills & expertise


I have been a voice-over artist, actor, writer, and musician for over 25 years. I've studied with some of the best acting and voice-over coaches in the world, voiced national commercials, acted in network television shows, written screenplays, recorded two albums and hosted nationally syndicated radio shows. My talent and extensive experience in media and the arts have made me a successful performer and craftsman.

People Skills, EQ

Clients say: "Tom knows how to become the character he is cast, acts gracefully and performs wonderfully. Great quality from hardware to voice. Quick, professional and wonderful to work with. Also, greatly patient, which is always a plus." "Excellent and creative work. The initial reads were wonderful, the follow-ups were better than expected. Great timing. Quick to respond and deliver. A complete joy to work with.'

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Hungry, poor and underprivileged.