Jon Mentzell

Senior Architect

Red Hat

Hagerstown, US

People are the center of any technology. How do you help get there from where you are today? Whether you're at full lifecycle SecDevOps or just starting with your first host, constant iterative improvement is the goal.

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Learning & Exploring

Lifelong learning, what are the latest operational tools that everyone needs to know? How do you translate these technologies to non-technical people?

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IT is more than just computers and storage. How do you make best use of your platforms to perform the tasks you need? What makes the most sense and how do you help other people understand the most efficient use of technology?


Senior Architect
Red Hat (Apr 2019 - present)
Bring technical workflow management to teams looking to up their game. Provide value through not only deploying a tool, but working through how the tool will be maintained over time through day 2 operations cycles.
Sr. VP Product
Fornetix (Jan 2014 - Apr 2019)
Led a team of talented developers to bring the complex world of encryption management to a tool that is more usable for everyone.