Halit Özsoy


Developer, Engineer


Istanbul, TR

I see myself as a quick-learner, a good problem solver and an enthusiast in a broad range of fields. I love understanding how things work in both low levels and high levels. I'm experienced in creating backend, frontend, mobile app, device firmware, devops, and cloud systems. #developer

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Skills & expertise


  • Technical Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Node.JS, Express.JS, C/C++, Koa.JS, React Native, MongoDB, PHP, Python, MATLAB, Inferno.js, Neo4J, TypeScript, Java, MySQL, AWS Cloud Systems
  • Fields: DevOPS, Data Architecture, Cloud Systems, Microservices, Internet of Things, OOP & Data Structures, Design Patterns, Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Search Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, AI & Machine Learning

People Skills, EQ

  • Soft Technical Skills: ReasonML, GraphQL, Angular 2, Haskell, LaTeX, ScriptFu, Assembly (x86, GASM, Cortex M0), C# .NET Core, Google Scripts, Verilog, Solidity
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Project Management, Psychology, Neuroscience, Electronic Engineering, Philosophy, Linguistics.
  • Statistics Tools: SPSS, Jamovi
  • Media Editing Tools: Photoshop, GIMP, Final Cut, Audacity
  • 3D Printing Tools: Autodesk Fusion 360, Ultimaker Cura


English: Fluent Turkish: Native speaker German: Novice French: Novice


Developer, Engineer
Freelancer, self-employed