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Bangalore, IN

COVID is effecting a lot of startups and business in the country but we can over come this situation at this point this is not going to last long. I heard a quote from inner chef company he said " when fisherman is not going for fishing he repairs the net" so let's repair the net

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More About business and about investers, how to get funding for a startup

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Entrepreneurship, I want to make a difference in food industry because I see a lot of problems in it. But I know how to solve it so I built a cloud kitchen and ofcourse Swiggy and zomato created a impact but gradually they will fall according my predection. If we kind of cloud kitchen build a good business there will be a big impact in food industry and very sure I will do that. I discontinued my b.com in my final year to start a startup because I don't think you can learn meant things from college but when you follow your passion and solve some problems definitely you will learn many things rater than school and colleges

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Business is the only thing I know and already into it because people are loving our brand

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I want to change the world by doing something productive and I definitely know I'll do that