Samira Tiari

Creative business developer


Istanbul, TR

I am Samira Tiari. I  plan to be the first founder of healthy chain resturant and I am looking for an investor to work with. I let the investor to partake my business benefits. I will make it a brand resturant and will distribute it all over the world.

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I am translator. I know languages such as English, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. I have a creative mind and always think about making a good and positive change that's why I want to be the first healthy chain resturant founder. I also like to let other people to use my brand resturant franchise by low cost because I believe money is not everything and we should help each other in this world. I see the chain resturant owners give the loyalty rights and franchise with very high prices but I will not do that because I want many people to work with my chain resturant .

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Healthy chain resturant 


Creative business developer