Darshan Jijhuvadia


Python Developer

Mumbai, IN

I am a Python Developer with 2+ years of experience building scalable microservices for data pipelines, backend systems, and machine learning (TensorFlow). Skilled in containerization (Docker), data management (ORMs, SQL). #ML

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TensorFlow • Keras • NLTK • AWS SageMaker • Git • MLflow • Tableau • Docker Products •Kubeflow • SQL

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Climate change

Income inequality

Gun violence


Python Developer
Freelance (Jun 2021 - present)

- Developed and deployed scalable microservices using Python for data pipelines, backend systems, and machine learning applications using TensorFlow.
- Utilized containerization with Docker and Docker Compose to ensure efficient and portable

- Implemented relational databases and Object-Relational Mappers (ORMs) for robust data management.
- Adept at data analysis and manipulation with libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Software Engineer Intern
HackerRank (Jun 2023 - Dec 2023)

- Designed and built data analysis and reporting tools using Python automation scripts.

- Extracted valuable insights from large datasets through complex SQL queries and data manipulation techniques. - Leveraged machine learning libraries to explore and implement AI solutions.

- Contributed to data-driven projects, combining SQL databases and Python for effective analysis.


B.Tech , Artificial Intelligence (Apr 2024)
Parul University
Prompt Design in Vertex AI  (Apr 2024)
Google Certificate




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