Dinesh Ganesh Verified

Legal Assistant


Bengaluru, IN

I am a legal assistant with experience in research, drafting and case management. Seeking opportunities to collaborate on projects and provide services.

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Paralegal Services, Legal Research, Legal Drafting, Document Management, Due Diligence, Administrative Support, Intellectual Property Assistance

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Proactive problem solving

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English: Fluent Tamil: Native speaker Hindi: Intermediate

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Access to healthcare

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Legal Assistant
Self (Aug 2021 - present)
  • Independently providing legal services to clients and completed 15 projects on Upwork, ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining a 100% client satisfaction rate.
  • Working as a paralegal, effectively managing, and assisting in the management of a case, overseeing crucial tasks such as discovery, evidence gathering involving over 500 exhibits, negotiation of agreements with stakeholders, legal research, and drafting court documents.
  • Drafted a diverse range of impactful documents, including 100+ motions for summary judgments, affidavits, judgments, demand letters, original petitions, and original responses.
Legal Intern
Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (Apr 2023 - May 2023)
  • Assisted the IP litigation team in conducting legal research in 8+ cases, analyzing 100+ intellectual property cases related to Copyright Act, Designs Act, Trademarks Act, and other corporate and commercial laws.
  • Collaborated with the IP prosecution teams in analyzing 15+ trademarks and preparing search reports for decision-making.
  • Authored and published 5 blog articles on current intellectual property law topics, contributing to the firm's online presence.
Legal Intern
BananaIP Counsels (Aug 2022 - Aug 2022)
  • Prepared comprehensive search reports for 75+ trademarks, logos, and domain names and drafted 10+ opposition notices, examination report responses, cease and desist notices, and other IP-related correspondence.
  • Effectively managed a diverse IP portfolio of approximately 250 trademarks.
  • Published engaging weekly IP updates on the firm's blog, generating 2,000+ cumulative views.
  • Presented a comprehensive case study on the transformative impact of the Napster case to a team of 6 members from the Trademark/Copyrights and Strategy Team.
IP Intern
Puthran & Associates (Jan 2022 - Feb 2022)
  • Carried out an extensive volume of intellectual property searches, including 100+ trademark, logo, copyright, and domain searches, leveraging databases such as WIPO, Vienna Code Classification, and IP Registry.
  • Collaborated with colleagues to conduct an extensive business portfolio analysis on ITC Limited, meticulously documenting our findings and insights across a 60-page report.
  • Attended and actively participated in 20+ intellectual property sessions and seminars, along with an IP Moot organized by the firm.
Legal Asssistant
Prime Legal (Oct 2021 - Dec 2021)
  • Drafted 30+ legal documents, including legal notices, reply notices, consumer complaints, written arguments, divorce and custody petitions, and gift deeds.
  • Supported and played an instrumental role in 40+ ongoing cases, analysing relevant case precedents, statutes, and legal doctrines, providing critical insights that directly influenced case strategies and arguments.
  • Effectively organized and managed files for 50 active cases, including maintaining court diary comprising of 100+ cases.
  • Actively sought practical experience in court proceedings.


BBA. LLB , Law (Jul 2023)
KLE Society's Law College