Eric Bahn Verified

Co-founder, General Partner

Hustle Fund

San Francisco Area

We invest in hilariously early startups, pre-seed.  We believe that great hustlers can look like anyone and can come from anywhere.  We define hustle as great execution meeting high velocity.  Don’t raise from venture unless it’s absolutely necessary. #letshustle

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Smart people

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Learning & Exploring


I love World War II history. Like so much. I hope to write a book chronicling the life in Korea during that period, someday.

Skills & expertise


I was a founder and product manager for 15 years. I was compelled to start a VC primarily out of frustration I’ve had with VCs: asymmetry of power; implicit bias; judging on wrong things — all made me want to try to create a new fund to fix these broken areas of founder assessment. 


I Care About


Underrepresented teams. Advisor for Venture for America which is a fellowship program for recent grads who want to become entrepreneurs and startup leaders.