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i am seeking individuals to collaborate withme in my business. The ideal candidates should possess a strong network of contacts and demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills. They should be experienced in building and maintaining relationships, as well as be highly motivated

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Speak at events

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Startup to join

Smart people

An active network

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expert in dealing with people, with a proven track record in negotiation and closing significant deals effectively. Your exceptional interpersonal skills enable you to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and build strong relationships. You excel at persuasive communication and can handle complex negotiations with confidence and finesse.

In addition, you are skilled at speaking at events, whether they are conferences, seminars, or corporate gatherings. Your ability to engage audiences and convey your message clearly and compellingly adds value to any event Overall, your expertise in people skills, negotiation, and public speaking makes you a valuable asset to any team or business collaboration.

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Gun violence

Children's rights and safety

Animal rights


looking for people to collabrate and invest