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New York

I’ve learned to forge my own path in spaces where I’m the only one, and marry two industries that are polar opposites. No matter where I am, I want to make sure I continue to open doors and support diverse folks in any way possible. #pathfinder

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Introducing underrepresented founders to both traditional and alternative funding sources in order to help their startups thrive. Passionate about the intersection of finance, technology, and social impact.  I model/act too. 

I’m focused on investing in companies that improve people’s lives and wellbeing, broadly serving overlooked communities, and specifically interested in femtech (improving the lives of women through digital health) & silvertech (improving the quality of life of the elderly, because we’ll get there).

In femtech, I am interested in the following areas:

  • Post-partum treatment and care
  •   Sexual health & wellness
  • Menopause solutions and services

For silvertech, I am bullish on:

  • Aging in place services
  • Combatting loneliness and depression
  • Deathtech

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I hope to demonstrate in my life that you can do anything you set your mind to.  🇺🇸  🇵🇪


Head of Venture Growth and Partnerships
Republic (Apr 2021 - Apr 2021)