Nayara Lemes

I am a writer and a creator.

I don't have a company yet.

Rumst, BE

I am looking for a collaborator to help me publish a book I finished. It's called "Confinement" and it's written in Portuguese. It's a book about raising awareness for women. I've attended the best schools (Sorbonne) and been coached by the best in the Portuguese-speaking market.

I can I can




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Warm intro

Learning & Exploring

The way into successful online publishing. I need somebody to help me with the editing of the book and with the commercial part of it in the Portuguese-speaking market.

Skills & expertise


Writing, speaking languages (fluently 5 in total), writing coaching, creative projects in general, spiritual support, yoga, meditation.

People Skills, EQ

I speak 5 different languages, I am a very communicative and positive person. I adapt easily. I teach yoga and meditation.

I Care About


Humanitarian causes, environment, animals and awareness.