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Senior frontend engineer. React / Angular / NextJs / Remix / Javascript #developer

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React, JavaScript, HTML, Google Angular, Git, JSON, Bootstrap, AWS, CSS

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Access to healthcare

Racial injustice

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Senior frontend engineer
Thoughtspot (Nov 2021 - Sep 2023)

- Worked on important features like Parameters, Data panel, and Query Visualizer, and also contributed to fixing major bugs.

- It was one of my major contributions to optimize the performance of the data panel using a virtualized list, which can list any number of columns without affecting the user experience. In the past, it used to slow down the page when the list had more than a certain number of columns.

- Contributed significantly to increasing the UT coverage for the search service layer from 70% to more than 95%. In addition, I contributed to increasing the UT coverage for a few other important features as well.