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I am a B Tech student, I am good cook too. Along with my study I want to open a Ready to Eat Food Store in Kolkata, where I can explore my ideas about preparing delicious foods.

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Ready to Eat Food Store in Kolkata
Product Stage: Ideating (Apr 2024 - present)

1. Introduction The Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food industry is witnessing rapid growth due to its benefits, including less preparation time, nutritional adequacy, longer shelf life, and ease of storage and distribution. India, with its abundant resources and technical expertise, is becoming a significant player in this industry. 2. Product and Its Application RTE foods are convenience foods that come in aluminum containers or pouches. They require minimal preparation—just cutting and heating before serving. 3. Market Potential The domestic market for semi-processed and RTE packaged food is growing at an estimated rate of 25% to 40% in metropolitan cities. Demand is highest in metros, 6. Financial Projections Initial Investment: ₹78,000 (includes equipment, raw materials, and initial marketing expenses). Break-even Point: at 29.72%