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Hi, I'm Shariff4u, I'm a freelancer looking out for some advice, help, ideas to start up my own Business without investment and it shuld be remote, were incan help those 1000s of unemployed and women from home actively looking for remote jobs to make some good earning #freelancer

I can I can



Promote product

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Startup ideas

Learn something new

Skills & expertise


I'm good at marketing, currently doing SEO, SEM and SMM.

I have also worked at DRIM for a brief time making collaboration with influencers and connecting them with brands like KFC, McD, Borzo etc

I can do product descriptions and content writing as well.


I Care About



Diversity & inclusion


I care about those unemployed youth looking for jobs and doing odd tasks and getting themselves into trouble, as well a sincare for those women who are at home looking actively for remote jobs but are not getting any genuine job.


Self (Aug 2023 - present)


I'm a freelancer currently doing SEO SEM and SMM. . I also do product descriptions and content writing sometimes .

I'm looking forward to starting a remote buisness were i can provide earning to 100+ workers in my team by giving them simple tasks or something worth doing and earn.

I'm here for ideas and advice, investor and buisness provider.

Looking forward to starting something amazing.