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17+ years of operational management expertise. Specializing in optimizing service delivery ecosystems and spearheading transformative initiatives. Former Head of CX & Delivery, VP Operations, and Consultant. Let's connect to drive efficiency and success together!

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Extensive experience in Operational and custome life cycle managment. Held positions: Head-CeX and VP-Ops. Built effective service delivery ecosystems and led digital transformation across different product & services. Collaborator and strateigest, defining Product road map and GTM.

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Operations Director
KBS (May 2023 - present)

At KBS, our mission is to empower Small Enterprises & MSMEs to thrive in today's competitive markets. Through strategic partnerships with small businesses and professionals, we provide the tools and insights needed for sustainable success.

Our focus extends beyond traditional models. At KBS, we lead the charge in driving Digital Transformation, infusing digital capabilities into every aspect of business operations. By embracing innovation, we ensure agility and adaptability in dynamic market landscapes, propelling our partners toward greater growth and resilience.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to working with offline businesses, digitizing their operations to scale revenue and unlock new opportunities in the digital economy.