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Software Developer

Techne AI pvt ltd


Software developer and passionate about trying new things in development. #developer

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Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft ASP.NET, jQuery, Web applications, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC, C#, MSSQL

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Hunger and food insecurity

Children's education


Software Developer
Techne AI pvt ltd (Mar 2024 - present)

I joined this company month before. And working on the management application 

Software developer
A2C Automotive Pvt Ltd (Oct 2022 - Feb 2024)

 Developed windows applications for Automatic Gage Management System in C#.NET.

 Developed windows application for communication with external devices like BMS

Hardware, Industrial Tools etc.

 Provided support for existing software applications and assisted in troubleshooting

technical issues

 Assisted in the development and testing of software modules for automotive systems

Software developer
Express Clinics pvt ltd (Apr 2021 - Oct 2022)

 Developed and designed web application for healthcare to book appointments

and manage information regarding to details of the client using ASP.NET and c#.

 Developed Online E-Consultation web applications for virtual consultation using

ASP.NET and C#.

 Developed operational portals for pre-medical check-up for various companies’

employees in ASP.NET and C#.

 Developed SQL Stored procedures for data manipulation and querying data for

SQL Server 2017.

 Designed and developed 3-tier web application in .NET framework using c#,

ASP.NET, JavaScript