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Founder building launch pad for kids into 21st Century.

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Motivational Speaker, Sales geek, Startup aspirant, learner and  Trainer.

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The B Lab (Jun 2023 - present)

Children are often underestimated in terms of their potential and capabilities. However, research has shown that kids have an incredible capacity to learn and adapt to new situations. As they grow, children develop unique skills and talents that can shape their future success.


It is important for parents, educators, and society as a whole to recognize the potential of children and provide them with opportunities to explore their interests and passions. By doing so, we can help them unlock their full potential and achieve great things in life.


My startup is into exploring the various potentials of kids and how we can support them in reaching their goals. From academic achievements to creative pursuits, there are countless ways in which children can excel. Why not prepare them to be next business leaders/entrepreneurs/ Startup titans.


I have been working on this idea since last 5 years, looking at all the faces of this idea, from ideation to conceptualization to framework Ing, My process was very different, I took advices from kids from different institutions, either government or private and found that there is still a very big gap between what is demand of the present scenario and what is available to these kids, my working with an NGO where I was basically into understanding the psychology of the kids of primary section, I felt that there is lot to be explored in the kids, my startup is trying to solve this problem where we will be acting as light house to guide the kids to their desired future. Requesting a similar minded co-founder to delve into this journey.


My Startup is into tapping that unknown that will help the kids to evolve into next gen stars.