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I blend strategic insights and captivating storytelling to fuel business growth and leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. #marketingconsultant

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Strategize, create, optimize, and promote content while considering market trends, user behavior, and business objectives.

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Access to healthcare

Children's education

Children's rights and safety


Head of Marketing
DirectShifts (May 2021 - present)
  1. Develop and execute B2C Marketing Strategy thru digital, performance and content marketing
  2. Brand Positioning and Awareness: Establish and enhance the DirectShifts brand by developing a compelling brand positioning strategy. Implement targeted marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness, recognition, and resonance among the target consumer audience.

  3. Customer Acquisition: Drive customer acquisition strategies and campaigns to expand DirectShifts' consumer base. Identify key target segments, develop comprehensive acquisition plans, and optimize marketing channels to attract and convert potential customers.

  4. Customer Retention and Loyalty: Develop and implement strategies to foster customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value. Create customer retention programs, personalized marketing campaigns, and customer engagement initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction and drive repeat business.