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I'm a 2 years experienced Salesforce Developer who has immense interest on the area of Hacking and Security. Though I'm working in Salesforce but my learning curve is completely towards Hacking and Security. I consume more knowledge about security and trying to implement it.

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I have 2+ years of experience as a Salesforce Developer. 

➡ Leveraged Salesforce functionalities to provide tailored solutions for business requirements. 

• Successfully completed Salesforce Administrator Certification. 

➡ Developed custom solutions using Apex Class, Visualforce, Email Templates, and Batch classes.

➡ Implemented Vlocity (Salesforce Industries) features including Omniscripts, Data Raptors, Integration Procedures, and Flex Cards.

➡ Created Lightning Web Components (LWC) to enhance user experiences. 

📍Self-Made Ninja Academy:

 ➡ Completed the course "Learn the Art of Hacking Through Programming." (both Basics and Advance) 

 ➡ Gained expertise in writing secure code, building networking tools, where & how to find the security vulnerabilities in a code and how it affect the end user. 

📍 Skills and experience gained from the course and What I'm at good at:

 ➡ Programming Languages: C, Python, PHP, C++, Java, Bash

 ➡Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, XML, JSON, HTTP Methods

 ➡ Networking: IP Address Management, Routing, Switching, Gateways, DNS, Firewalls, Load Balancing, IDS, IPS, Socket Programming.

 ➡ Security Tools: Wireshark, Burp Suite, Nessus, Nmap, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer.

 ➡ Cybersecurity Concepts:  Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing (VAPT), Social Engineering, Threat Modeling, IAM, SIEM, Security & Authentication Protocols. 

➡ CTF Challenges: Web Exploitation, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Binary Exploitation on picoCTF, HTB and Familiar with Common Attack Patterns & Exploitation Techniques. 

 ➡ Cloud: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure

📍 Interner Of Things (IOT) : 

 ➡ Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Various Sensors for projects with working prototype or model

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Salesforce Developer
TCS (Aug 2021 - present)