Victoria Fluharty

Software Engineer Coach

Flatiron School

San Jose, US

Hi I'm Tori! I'm a graduate of Flatiron School's software engineering bootcamp and I currently work there as a software engineering coach. Technical blogging is my passion. Search for me on DEV.to.

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Learning & Exploring

I'm currently teaching myself how to write RSpec tests to fine tune my TTD skills. I'm also very interested in learning Python at some point in the future, hopefully on the job.

Skills & expertise


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, SQL, PostgreSQL, Technical Blogging

People Skills, EQ

Strong Communication // Pair Programming // Teaching / Explaining Complex Topics in Simple Ways // Strong Organizational Skills // Great Time Management // Empathetic and Supportive //

I Care About


Healthcare, Equality and Diversity in Tech, Reforming the Technical Interview Process