Vaishali Gopal

Chief Resting Officer

On a career break


Lawyer turned technologist and generalist. I was part of a legal tech start up when the concept of legal tech didn’t exist and helped scale the product, people and culture and accelerated growth playing a shape shifter in multiple roles.

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Skills & expertise


Start-up Generalist, Strategy, Product, LegalTech Consultant, Leadership, Story-telling, Collaboration, Coach 

People Skills, EQ

Proactive problem solving

Difficult conversations

Conflict resolution

Build influence



Ability to delegate

Understanding boundaries


Ability to relate to others

Good communication

Ability to trust others

Knowing how & when to show empathy

Active listening

Genuine interest in others



Good judgment

Ability to persuade others


Proactive honesty

Ability to be supportive and motivate others

Sense of humor

Public speaking


Chief Resting Officer
On a career break (Dec 2008 - Jan 2023)

 Past Experience 
Handpicked to lead product team in India, reporting directly to CTO/CPO, US. 
• Built and rolled-out brand new end to end platform with both front end and back end experiences in three months. This was an initiative and challenge of the company to build a platform that had no baggage of any legacy tools and completely on new technologies and architecture to support the growth expected in the market. Also guided the team driving transformation project of migrating the customers over to the new platform and internal stakeholders.
Mental Models I developed to be successful
• Developing an understanding of go to market strategy, company objectives to translate them into OKRs and roadmap execution strategies.
• Building a great collaboration relationship with strategic leaders in sales, operations, engineering and partners.
• Identifying innovative PMs and product ops resources and getting out of their way.
• Key learning – Strategy, story-telling and becoming an influencer in the organisation.

Prior to that headed operations which included sales solutions, customer success and delivery. 
Reporting to VP of Customer Operations, US. Promoted to drive operations across multiple teams –
Solutions>Customer Success>Delivery.
Mental Models I developed to be successful
• Understanding approach to working with resource forecasting and budgeting.
• People management, identifying and nurturing talent and next rung of leaders that can lead independently.
• Developing frameworks to identify process efficiencies to work with engineering team to develop internal
tools to scale speed and cost of delivery of implementations.
• Key Learning – Optimise with what you have and building good culture. 


Masters in Law , Law (May 2008)
Duke University