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Entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor and public speaker, based out of India. I founded nearbuy.com in 2015 and was the CEO until 2019. #doepicshit

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I have been investing as an angel since 2015 and have made 20+ investments. But I get more joy mentoring and coaching founders.

I am aware that there is a lot beyond capital that helps a startup succeed. Through a combination of investing and coaching, I wish to help entrepreneurs around 3 things

  1. Get to product-market-fit
  2. Attract and retain the best talent and
  3. Manage their own emotions as a founder

Skills & expertise


I love public speaking.
Connecting with people.
Story telling.
Cracking really bad jokes.
Making awareness cool!

I often speak at corporate events, education institutions and conferences.

My content centers around awareness, personal finance, careers, startups.

I Care About


The choices you make should not be made because you do not know any better. They should be made because you have explored all that you wanted to and are thus making the choice that you are making.

And creating awareness is the purpose I find myself most drawn towards right now.