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common sense | code of conduct


  • 😃 BE Nice and Courteous
  • 😃 BE Helpful
  • 😃 BE Civil
  • 😃 Always strive to add value
  • 😃 Give before you take (it's that simple)
  • 😃 BE Real, BE Yourself


  • 💩 BE a jerk
  • 💩 BE a spammer
  • 💩 Be a snake oil salesman
  • 💩 BE fake
  • 💩 Promote hate speech or flaming
  • 💩 Abuse this space

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People come first in everything we do. We believe in creating a space where professionals can be productive, creative and successful. Make meaningful connections.

We believe in a komunity that fosters a positive and inclusive experience for everyone. komunity is a safe space for all professionals, and we expect everyone to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

We have zero tolerance for Unacceptable behavior - This includes intimidation, spam, fake accounts, harassment, discrimination, and abusive behavior. Unacceptable behaviors will NOT be tolerated and your account will be deactivated and deleted without notice.

Be a part of a vibrant and productive komunity!