We are multidimensional

We are all driven by our own set of experiences and ambitions

Build your diverse People Stack

Surround yourself with amazing people to achieve great things

  • Connect with professionals
  • Network across domains
  • Level up

Antidote to professional networking

  • video or chat

    Break the ice

  • no-random connects

    Only people you're interested in can reach out

  • shortlist

    People you want to connect with

No follows no likes no BS

Non-toxic. Non-addictive

  • 16,000+ professionals, founders, entrepreneurs

    Diverse people, varied domains

  • 500+ doesn’t
    mean anything

    Quality  >  quantity

  • 1 connection

    It only takes one person to change your life

Divins David

“I can connect with my type of people”

Antara Biswas

Masud Hasan

“Superb idea to conect”

Ashwini kumar

“Its nice and easy to use”

Sourav Das

Mahimna Joshi


Startup Board

for founders, dreamers & entrepreneurs

Fun way to validate & pitch your startup idea
simple rules
Fantasy Startup Board

Make yours or support others

Democratizing thePersonal Board of Advisors

for professionals

Your trusted board of advisors
Create your personal board to help you succeed. Make better decisions. Get advice, collaborate, raise capital, and move up. We are on a mission to make the personal board of advisors available to everyone.
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Raise capital
Get promoted
Pay it forward

The common bond People helping people

Humans are hardwired to be kind